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Powering audio creation
with generative AI

Generate an infinite world of sounds - samples, instruments, sound effects, or textures, instantly. All from scratch.

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All your sound needs in one place

Audiogen leverages the power of AI to substitute your audio workflows with a blazingly powerful and intuitive solution.

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High quality sounds.

Generate studio-ready high fidelity sounds.

Variations Icon

Infinite variations.

Variate your own sounds for a touch of novelty.

Royalty Free icon

Royalty free.

Stop worrying about licenses, all generated sounds are cleared to use in your work.

Variable Lengths Icon

Variable lengths.

Generate exactly the amount you need, anywhere from half a second to a max of 10 seconds.

Real time generations Icon

Real time generation.

Opt for a less powerful model to generate sounds with minimal delay.

Outpaint Icon


Extend your own sounds for surprising continuations.

Endless Applications

Whether you are a music producer, video professional or a foley artist, Audiogen's products can get you what you need.

90s hip hop drum loop, laid back, 95 bpm, only drums
Train on tracks chugging along
Detective theme, intriguing

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Ultimate Control

Harness the full capabilities of our generative AI model with our state-of-the-art adapters, specifically designed to give you complete control over your generated sounds.

Audiogen BPM Adapter Icon


No more time warping, specify the exact BPM for your generated loops, making sure our AI is in the pocket.

Audiogen Harmony Adapter Icon


Creatively direct our AI by specifying chords or key so that generated sounds are perfectly diatonic with your tracks.

Audiogen Foley Adapter Icon


Reconsider buying that expensive microphone, have your video come to life by providing our AI with visual prompts.

Audiogen Events Adapter Icon


Sculpt your soundscapes, specify the exact sequence of sounds to perfectly craft your sound effect.

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Supercharge your workflow

Unlock the full potential of our generative AI using our desktop application, fully compatible with all of your content creation suites through good ol' drag and drop.

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